The Alexander Collection

Tim Benson
Wendy Broer

Since 2010 the Alexander Centre CIC has made significant progress in carefully investing in and reinstating the heritage features of the building.

Once the public rooms were restored to their former glory, it became clear that the walls of these rooms could also become an asset for the local community. The idea of The Alexander Collection was born — an annual art exhibition showcasing modern British art which achieves a number of objectives:

  • Improve the look of our beautiful heritage rooms by adorning the walls with great art
  • Provide a space for local artists to exhibit their work at no cost to them
  • Expose the general public, free of charge, to a diverse range of high quality modern British Art

The Alexander Collection’s vision is:-

  • To showcase the work of artists in surroundings that enhance both their work and the building, such that it becomes the event that artists aspire to participate in
  • To reserve a section of the exhibition each year for emerging artists

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Toby Pinn
Wendy McNaught
Aaron McArdle
Bonnie Johnson (Emerging Artist)

The first year of the Alexander Collection was 2015, and it has been growing in scale and profile ever since.

In 2017 Pim Baxter, a local resident who is currently Deputy Director of the National Portrait Gallery, came on board as Patron, and is excited about developing The Alexander Collection year on year, in terms of its scope, its reach and what additional activities can spring from it.

“To see the work of so many talented artists adorn the walls of the Alexander Centre was very exciting, and I hope enjoyed by all those who have used the Centre for a wonderfully diverse range of events.  It is such an asset to Faversham and giving local artists a platform to display their painting and photographs all year round, as part of the Alexander Collection, is a valuable opportunity.”
Pim Baxter OBE

Tim Benson, Jeff Lowe, Gabrielle Nesfield, Perou, Toby Pinn, Stephen Rose

Emerging artist: Bonnie Johnson


Andrew James, Brian Oxley, Joel Ely, John Wiltshire, Leo Cackett, Simon Davis, Simon Shaw

Emerging artists: Robyn Milne and Theo Grace


Josephine Harvatt, Moira Hyde, Estelle Jourd, Angela Rumble, Sarah Stokes


Aaron McArdle, Cherryl Fountain, Wendy Broer, Wendy McNaught


Antony Bream, Barry Fincham, Cherryl Fountain, David Hayward, Paul Fowler

The Alexander Collection has featured the work of the following artists

Gabrielle Nesfield
Stephen Rose

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